Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer in Sicily

We cannot believe that the summer vacation is over.  Time flies when you move to another country and start anew.  The kids have started school, and seem to be very happy with their new school and friends.  Our neighborhood has its own bus which picks up the 15 kids in a Mercedes minibus.  They go to school in style.  Jordan has made the journey to Spain.  He will spend the next week touring, and then will begin his studies in Sevilla.  We will miss him.  The house is slowly coming together, and we are adjusting to a new way of life here. We have not had much time to explore lately, however, I have attached a few photos from our adventures.  We attended a medieval festival on the grounds of a medieval castle.  It was fantastic!!

Flame dancers at a local medieval festival

The long walk up the medieval alley to the castle

Matt and Riley having a morning pastry in Catania.

This is a typical shrine found on almost every block.
Most often it is Mother Mary...usually candles are burning.
A beautiful site.

A typical street scene.  This one in Catania.

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