Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aci Reale

We visited the city of Aci Reale our first week here. This is a photo of the piazza, which was quite large. The Duomo nearby was breathtaking.We walked around until we found a path down to the waterfront. On our way, a man shouted to us to come to his villa, ( an older gentleman who was probably lonely, and wanted to share his garden with anyone who might be interested). Normally, it might be ill-advised to go into a stranger's garden gate, but we are in Italy, so why not? He did not speak a word of English, but managed to communicate anyway. He showed us his fruit trees, gave us a lemon, bananas, a peach, and then asked us to come back on Sabato, (Saturday). We did not return, and I wonder if he waited for us.

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